Press-Release :- 22nd December 1997.

Mayflower FM's application for the Mid-Essex radio licence has been 'Slammed' by members and directors of the original team.

A majority of the members from local community based station Mayflower FM, were up in arms after reading the station's licence application. Feelings are that the original aims have been lost and members are alarmed to see that complete strangers to the group are now in control.

The content of the submitted application points to the fact these strangers are sacrificing the community aims for pure financial gains.

Directors have recently resigned from the group and other members are making their views known to the Radio Authority and the press in letters some copies of which are enclosed.

For further information please contact :- Val Brooks , Howie Dines , Chris Lane

Original press release included:-

  • Contact phone numbers.
  • Copies of letters sent to David Vick ( Head of Development, Radio Authority )

    These have been omited on this web version.

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